- Alameda County Firefighters - IAFF 55



Over 3k was raised and will be donated to the George Mark Childrens House and the American Cancer Society. The game was won by ALCO and we will just say the score was 26 to 25 with ALCO on top. 

Thank you to Matty McAusland, Josh Leines, Gary Centoni and Brian Derickson for preparting the chili and helping with the BBQ. Big thanks to Jim Gotkin (vikkis husband) for doing the MC. 

Thanks to Engine 9, Truck 9 and Battalion 4 for showing support. 

Great job to the team for participating. The Trophy is now in ALCO's possesion. 

Coach Dan Burke

Brendan Burke

Jason Fuller

Ryan Hebert

Paul Mahar

Tyson Tiago

Eddie Dutch

Harry Myers

Mike Adams

Dan Reeves

Eric Frago  

Thank you

Brian Centoni






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